Aug 27, 2009

台灣設計師週_Second soul

時間:2009年8月28日 10:00




圖像的滲透力很強,能在最短的時間抓住群眾的目光並且留下深刻的記憶!當圖像結合了商品, 空間...之後,不但賦予了他們全新的面貌,更能提升了它的藝術價值,更能增添話題性 、獨特性!

Second Soul 集結了台灣知名的圖像設計師、塗鴉藝術家共十五位(組),嘗試將圖像創作附著於傢具上,讓你看到圖像的生命力及創造力,以及傢具結合了藝術、設計之後的新面貌, 這一切將會大過你的想像!從現在開始跟這些藝術家,風格你的生活! 共同實踐將設計藝術融入生活的理念!

Art can be daily life; daily products can be very artistic. Graphic creation is no longer a distant art work, or only a poster on the wall. Graphic creation is about to invade your life.

The invasion of graphic arts is very powerful. It can catch people’s attention within a very short time and leave a deep impression. When graphic arts combine with products or spaces, it gives them whole new apparel and brings up its art value, even more unique!

Second Soul is composed of 15 famous Taiwanese graphic designers and graffiti artists. Artists experiment on applying graphic design to furniture. It shows the vitality and creativity of graphic arts, and the new appearance of the furniture after integrated with art and design, and it’s all beyond your imagination! From now on, Second Soul are featuring your life, and together, add design and art into your lifestyle.